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It all started with a dream and a LOVE for capturing people's beauty...

I WAS made to take photos.

I am a mom of 2 boys, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and most importantly a child of God. I love music; I love cuddling in lots of blankets; I love herbsl tea; I love to learn; I love tennis; I love to shop; I love to create; I love to nurture and teach; I love the beach; I love to dream; I love dark mint chocolate; I love to LOVE....yes! I love people...I love to find the good and beauty in everyone and capture their spirit and emotions. I remember when I was a senior, everyone's pictures looked the same. I opted out of getting mine done which still makes me sad. I just knew the pictures that EVERYONE was doing were not ME....nothing about them described me. It is my passion to seek out each person's individual personality and bring it out through photographs. I want the image to describe you! Who are you and what are your loves? I want you to remember those by looking at a photograph from a shoot designed just for YOU! I love photographing people!